Looking up
Yet another hot humid day.  Guess summer is finally catching up with us.    Dawn and  midday Liber Resh done.  I need to remember to seal it after the last verse, but that is going to come with time.  I have only been doing these for 2 days now so not too broken up about it.  And yes, I was up before 6 am.  Laugh on.  I'm not upset, angry or depressed for once.  I am however a terrible terrible person.

It has to start somewhere
Beautifal day out, hot and humid but clear.  I'm a bit on the angry side, for reasons that are fairly unreasonable.  I honestly shouldn't expect any different, but I still find myself surprised when someone who has already proved themselves to be untrustworthy and a hypocrite, confirms that fact.  It is not even that I am surprised really, and my anger is not really at them in this case.  I am angry at myself for even thinking that the leapord would change it's spots as it were.  Part of all this is I am suffering from a severe case of lackonookie.  

I didn't get my dawn Liber Resh done.  I didn't get up till close to 9

Just finished my noon exultation, need to remeber to seal it with the sign of silence.  Sunset and Midnight should not be that hard to get done today.


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